GOOD FRIEND Volume 6: Anniversary Gift

Jillian’s books contain intense adult situations
and are intended for mature readers.

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This short story is the Sixth in the GOOD FRIEND series from Jillian Hoff.

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Excerpt from GOOD FRIEND Volume 6: Anniversary Gift:

“I liked you two kissing. Let’s see some more of that.”

I turned my head to Glenda and saw that she was looking over her shoulder at him as his hand slipped back between her legs. She wiggled her ass a little and gave him a dirty smile that was some kind of slutty mix of mock surprise and feigned innocence. Like, the kind of look that doesn’t commonly occur in nature. The sort of look that would come off absurd in any other context but somehow just made what we were doing that much hotter. I swear she could get rich if she could figure out how to teach that to others, but I suspect it is simply instinctual. Some people are just born to be sexual animals.

Then she turned her face to me and her expression grew sweeter.

“I could kiss her all night, if that’s what you want,” she said.

I closed my eyes and moved my lips toward hers and then we were kissing again. Darren moved his hand beneath me and this time his fingers found my clitoris. He stroked it with the tip of one finger, up and down rather than side to side, with only the lightest touch. It felt good but I concentrated on Glenda’s lips. Her breathing changed and I knew he had found her button as well. We went on like this for some time, Darren slowly increasing the pressure and intensity of his fingers while Glenda and I kept kissing. It became a game, unspoken, to see if we could keep concentrating on each other despite the distraction of Darren’s hands. I realized that Glenda was going to go over quickly as she lost focus on my mouth and her lips quivered with her uneven breathing.

“Oh God,” she breathed into me, squeezing her eyes tight as the first wave of orgasm passed through her. I moved my lips down her neck, kissing lightly and feeling her body shudder.

I peeked up past her shoulder at Darren, noting the self-satisfied expression on his face. He caught me looking and gave me a wink while changing up his movements on my clit. I wasn’t nearly close enough though, so I turned my attention back to Glenda’s throat. With a final, long moan Glenda let her shoulders and face collapse down to the mattress.

“We have a winner,” said Darren.

“Oh daddy,” she whimpered. “You make my pussy feel so good.”

Darren grabbed a fistful of my hair and stood up. I pushed myself off the bed in time to keep my hair from getting pulled too hard. Darren turned me around to face him and pressed his arm out past my shoulder to pull my head back and force me to look at him.

“And what about your pussy?”

He wasn’t usually this rough with me. My pussy liked it.

But I didn’t say anything.

He stepped forward so his naked body pressed against mine and I felt him throbbing against my stomach. He reached under with his free hand and slid between my lips again. A fresh wave of excitement had come over me and it was evident on his fingers.

“That’s what I thought,” he said.