GOOD FRIEND Volume 5: Hypnotized

Jillian’s books contain intense adult situations
and are intended for mature readers.

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This short story is the Fifth in the GOOD FRIEND series from Jillian Hoff.

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Excerpt from GOOD FRIEND Volume 5: Hypnotized:

“Put your right foot up on the couch. I want to see your pussy.”

I did as he asked, lifting my leg and bending my knee to rest my foot on the couch cushion. I was now standing with my legs spread open.

“Show it to me. Use your fingers.”

I want to say at this point I had committed totally to this game and was going to beat him at any cost short of hurting myself. I won’t keep justifying why I did what I did. I’ll just describe it for you.

Reaching down, I pulled my lips open with my fingers, exposing myself completely to him. I was shocked to discover that I was soaking wet. Nothing like that had happened to me before, but then again, I’d never played a game like this either. Whatever Adam’s sketchy intentions, he had at least taught me something new about myself.

“You’re wet.”


“Show me.”

I held my hand out so he could see my juices glistening on my fingers. He sat up and leaned forward, then closed his mouth around my fingertips and sucked my flavor off of them. It would be impossible to describe how this made me feel inside, but my juices flowed and the wet started running down my inner thighs.

Adam licked his lips.


He leaned back into the couch again, his hard cock still exposed.

“I have a couple more questions. But first I want to explain what I believe is happening to you right now. That hypnotherapist very much did mess with your head when you were younger. He fucked up your sex drive. I can try to fix that. Do you want me to try?”

I just looked at him while I considered his words. A rush of emotion was flowing through me and I felt an ache to be touched. I felt nearly out of control, and yet I was almost terrified to act on it. It was exciting and confusing.

“You can answer as yourself,” he said. “Tell me what you would say if I weren’t controlling you.”

“Yes. Try.”

“I want to make sure you understand. I am going to give you what you deserve. I’m going to fuck you in ways you’ve never imagined. I’m going to use you like a whore and leave you covered in bruises and cum.”

My knees felt so weak I thought I might fall over, and I had butterflies in my stomach that felt like they were tickling my pussy. I had to catch my breath.

“Is that what you want?” he asked.

“Yes. Please.”

Adam untied his robe and let it fall open. I couldn’t help but notice he had great abs too. I never knew him to work out, but whatever it was he did had great results.

He pointed to his chest.

“Come up here. Stand over me.”

It was tricky keeping my balance as I stepped up onto the couch and positioned my feet on either side of him. I reached out and balanced myself with my hand on the back of the couch. Adam looked up at me, slowly, his eyes taking in my entire body before they locked into mine.

“And where should I start?”

Instead of waiting for an answer he reached up and brushed the fingers of his right hand along the inside of my leg. He stopped when he encountered my wet inner thigh and let his fingertips massage my juices into my skin.

“Do you want me to touch it?”


He pulled his fingers off my thigh and I sucked in a breath of air in anticipation of where they would make contact. Would he stroke it, go right for my clit, or would he shove his fingers inside me? An eternal moment passed and still he did nothing.

“Please,” I said.

“No. Not like that.”

He reached both hands up between my legs to cup my ass cheeks. He pulled forward lightly, urging my crotch toward his lips.

“Sit on my face.”