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Excerpt from ONE HIT:

She walked to the dresser and set her small purse down. She paused and took a deep breath as if gathering strength to face him again. When she did look, it was more like a glance to the side, like she was peeking at him.

He chuckled.

“Girl, you are a nervous one! How did you think this was going to be, like dating boys from your high school?”

She shrugged and tried to smile.

“Where did you come from, any way?” he said.


“Where, exactly?” he asked, a puzzled look creeping onto his face.


“Where’s your accent?”

“Oh, I’ve tried to lose my accent ever since I learned I had one,” she said, lapsing into a convincing enunciation for effect. It was all part of the cover story.

“I like that,” he said, smiling. “The way it sounds, and that you changed it. It shows a desire for control. I like women who want to be in control.”

He took a step closer and she turned the rest of the way to face him. He was a full foot taller and she made a point of looking into his eyes without lifting her head, peering up at him from the tops of her eyes. It maintained the fiction that she was an unsure, young girl. Lifting her chin to meet his gaze straight on would have been the move of an experienced woman.

Hanneman crossed his arms and looked her up and down, appraising the merchandise. She was very small, maybe 5’ 3” in her strappy heels. She wore a tight black mini dress that showed off her slight curves. Her body appeared athletic, but soft: a sexy combination. Shoulder length, blonde hair and intense blue eyes (probably contacts) completed her look. It made sense to him that she would be snatched up by the agency, a girl this beautiful who was willing to sell it. The only thing wrong was a heart-shaped locket on a chain around her neck. It looked cheap and girlish compared to the rest of her. A string of pearls would have been a more proper choice. It came off like an amateur mistake, and he loved it. His dick was already half hard. This little one was about to have the night of her life.

She thought he looked younger than forty-three; would have guessed early thirties. He was a rich man–had likely been all of his life–so he’d probably had the spare time to be fanatical about his physical health. She didn’t think he’d had any work done yet.

He wore an expensive suit that was excellently tailored. No tie; top two buttons open on his shirt. Italian leather shoes that probably cost more than most people pay in rent for a month. She didn’t want to know what a watch like his cost. Or his cufflinks. In truth, she didn’t care. She rarely had any concern about money. Noticing all of this helped her take the measure of the man. He clearly thought of himself as a billionaire bad boy, a concept that was mostly a figment of the imaginations of horny women. He was more likely a simple millionaire. It said something about society that a man like him would feel the need to be perceived as having more than he did. And none of it mattered in the long run. Rich or poor; it wouldn’t make a difference with what was about to happen in that room.

“So,” he said. “I guess the question is; are you quitting or are you working?”

She nodded. “I’m here. I’ll do it.”

“Good. What were your instructions from the agency?”

“They said to come here and do as you say.”

“And you’ve never fucked for money before?”

She cast her eyes downward. She didn’t want to overdo it, but her character wouldn’t be able to look him in the eye as he said something like that. Yet.

“Oh, honey,” he said, his voice dripping with amusement, “you’ll have to be stronger than that. Look at me.”

She did.

“Did they tell you I have specific needs?”

She nodded.

“What did they say about me, exactly?”

She took a deep breath and paused to give the impression she was weighing how honest she should be.

“They said you’re one of their top-tier clients. That you wanted the youngest and least experienced girl they could provide, and since my eighteenth birthday was last month, that was me. They said you tip well and never hurt the girls.”

That last part wasn’t true. He did hurt them sometimes.

He smiled.

“Doesn’t make me sound so bad, does it?”

She shook her head.

“So tell me about your cunt,” he said.

This time she opted for wide eyes and the hint of a shocked smile.

“Excuse me?”

“You don’t use that word? Cunt?” He reveled in the sound coming out of his mouth, accentuating hard on the c and t.


“What do you call it?”

“Um… pussy?”

“That will have to do for now, I guess.”

He pointed to the bathroom. “Go in there and get ready for me. Lose the dress.”

She nodded and walked to the bathroom door.

“Keep the shoes on,” he said.


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This short story is the Sixth in the GOOD FRIEND series from Jillian Hoff.

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Excerpt from GOOD FRIEND Volume 6: Anniversary Gift:

“I liked you two kissing. Let’s see some more of that.”

I turned my head to Glenda and saw that she was looking over her shoulder at him as his hand slipped back between her legs. She wiggled her ass a little and gave him a dirty smile that was some kind of slutty mix of mock surprise and feigned innocence. Like, the kind of look that doesn’t commonly occur in nature. The sort of look that would come off absurd in any other context but somehow just made what we were doing that much hotter. I swear she could get rich if she could figure out how to teach that to others, but I suspect it is simply instinctual. Some people are just born to be sexual animals.

Then she turned her face to me and her expression grew sweeter.

“I could kiss her all night, if that’s what you want,” she said.

I closed my eyes and moved my lips toward hers and then we were kissing again. Darren moved his hand beneath me and this time his fingers found my clitoris. He stroked it with the tip of one finger, up and down rather than side to side, with only the lightest touch. It felt good but I concentrated on Glenda’s lips. Her breathing changed and I knew he had found her button as well. We went on like this for some time, Darren slowly increasing the pressure and intensity of his fingers while Glenda and I kept kissing. It became a game, unspoken, to see if we could keep concentrating on each other despite the distraction of Darren’s hands. I realized that Glenda was going to go over quickly as she lost focus on my mouth and her lips quivered with her uneven breathing.

“Oh God,” she breathed into me, squeezing her eyes tight as the first wave of orgasm passed through her. I moved my lips down her neck, kissing lightly and feeling her body shudder.

I peeked up past her shoulder at Darren, noting the self-satisfied expression on his face. He caught me looking and gave me a wink while changing up his movements on my clit. I wasn’t nearly close enough though, so I turned my attention back to Glenda’s throat. With a final, long moan Glenda let her shoulders and face collapse down to the mattress.

“We have a winner,” said Darren.

“Oh daddy,” she whimpered. “You make my pussy feel so good.”

Darren grabbed a fistful of my hair and stood up. I pushed myself off the bed in time to keep my hair from getting pulled too hard. Darren turned me around to face him and pressed his arm out past my shoulder to pull my head back and force me to look at him.

“And what about your pussy?”

He wasn’t usually this rough with me. My pussy liked it.

But I didn’t say anything.

He stepped forward so his naked body pressed against mine and I felt him throbbing against my stomach. He reached under with his free hand and slid between my lips again. A fresh wave of excitement had come over me and it was evident on his fingers.

“That’s what I thought,” he said.


This short story is the Fifth in the GOOD FRIEND series from Jillian Hoff.

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Excerpt from GOOD FRIEND Volume 5: Hypnotized:

“Put your right foot up on the couch. I want to see your pussy.”

I did as he asked, lifting my leg and bending my knee to rest my foot on the couch cushion. I was now standing with my legs spread open.

“Show it to me. Use your fingers.”

I want to say at this point I had committed totally to this game and was going to beat him at any cost short of hurting myself. I won’t keep justifying why I did what I did. I’ll just describe it for you.

Reaching down, I pulled my lips open with my fingers, exposing myself completely to him. I was shocked to discover that I was soaking wet. Nothing like that had happened to me before, but then again, I’d never played a game like this either. Whatever Adam’s sketchy intentions, he had at least taught me something new about myself.

“You’re wet.”


“Show me.”

I held my hand out so he could see my juices glistening on my fingers. He sat up and leaned forward, then closed his mouth around my fingertips and sucked my flavor off of them. It would be impossible to describe how this made me feel inside, but my juices flowed and the wet started running down my inner thighs.

Adam licked his lips.


He leaned back into the couch again, his hard cock still exposed.

“I have a couple more questions. But first I want to explain what I believe is happening to you right now. That hypnotherapist very much did mess with your head when you were younger. He fucked up your sex drive. I can try to fix that. Do you want me to try?”

I just looked at him while I considered his words. A rush of emotion was flowing through me and I felt an ache to be touched. I felt nearly out of control, and yet I was almost terrified to act on it. It was exciting and confusing.

“You can answer as yourself,” he said. “Tell me what you would say if I weren’t controlling you.”

“Yes. Try.”

“I want to make sure you understand. I am going to give you what you deserve. I’m going to fuck you in ways you’ve never imagined. I’m going to use you like a whore and leave you covered in bruises and cum.”

My knees felt so weak I thought I might fall over, and I had butterflies in my stomach that felt like they were tickling my pussy. I had to catch my breath.

“Is that what you want?” he asked.

“Yes. Please.”

Adam untied his robe and let it fall open. I couldn’t help but notice he had great abs too. I never knew him to work out, but whatever it was he did had great results.

He pointed to his chest.

“Come up here. Stand over me.”

It was tricky keeping my balance as I stepped up onto the couch and positioned my feet on either side of him. I reached out and balanced myself with my hand on the back of the couch. Adam looked up at me, slowly, his eyes taking in my entire body before they locked into mine.

“And where should I start?”

Instead of waiting for an answer he reached up and brushed the fingers of his right hand along the inside of my leg. He stopped when he encountered my wet inner thigh and let his fingertips massage my juices into my skin.

“Do you want me to touch it?”


He pulled his fingers off my thigh and I sucked in a breath of air in anticipation of where they would make contact. Would he stroke it, go right for my clit, or would he shove his fingers inside me? An eternal moment passed and still he did nothing.

“Please,” I said.

“No. Not like that.”

He reached both hands up between my legs to cup my ass cheeks. He pulled forward lightly, urging my crotch toward his lips.

“Sit on my face.”


This short story is the Fourth in the GOOD FRIEND series from Jillian Hoff.

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Excerpt from GOOD FRIEND Volume 4: The Boy In The Window:

“Well, Christopher, with any luck Miss Rowan is going to give you another shot before she tosses you into the trash bin of her sexual history. It’s possible that if you wow her, she’ll let you through those fiery gates a few more times, but another performance like last night and you’ll be done.”

“It was that bad?”

“I’ve had worse, but never twice.”

“She told me she enjoyed herself,” he said in a tone half-pleading.

“Yeah. We lie.”

I almost heard the gears grinding in his brain as he processed that. What must it be like to be a stupid boy with a hard dick? I said a quick and silent prayer of thanks that I’d never have to know, then turned and checked out the view of my house across the street. I cursed myself for not leaving my bedroom blinds open so I could see his view of my window.

“So… What? You have advice for me?”

I laughed out loud. I kept forgetting that he was little more than a child, at least in experience.

“What are you laughing at?”

I answered by dropping to my knees in front of him. He was wearing a pair of gray sweatpants, which I had down around his ankles in a few seconds. He looked shocked, but not so much as to pull away or stop me. His shirt was maroon and bore the logo of some sports team, and I realized it was inside out, probably thrown on in haste when he saw me heading this way.

“Take that off,” I commanded. A moment later it was another crumple of fabric on the floor. I sat there on my knees and looked up at him. He was a beautiful creature. His cock bobbed slightly, half hard now. I batted my eyes at him and then looked at his dick like I had no idea what to do with it. I leaned in and stuck out my tongue, tentatively touching the tip to his head and flicking it with a light lick.

“Is that good?” I asked like a scared little girl. “Do you like that?”

He nodded, and his cock responded by getting very hard. “Yes.”

“Do you want more?”

He nodded vigorously now.

“Grab my hair with both hands,” I said. He followed my instructions, lightly.

“A little harder please,” I said. He tightened his grip.

“Now. Hold on.”

I took him all the way down my throat while I reached up and cupped his balls in my hands. I held there for a moment, running my tongue along the base of his shaft, and then pulled back long and slow with suction, softly massaging him with my hands. He made a noise in his throat that I don’t know how to spell. When I got to his head, I let it come out of my mouth. I sat back and looked up at him again.

“Which would you rather have? The light licker with no idea what to do, or the experienced sucker?”

“Definitely the second one,” he said.

“Good answer,” I said, and took his head back into my mouth. I gave a playful bite and let my tongue circle it a couple of times. He moaned. I backed off again, and this time I stood up. “That’s what we want, too.”

He nodded, but I think he would have agreed with about anything I had to say at the moment. I moved over to his bed and sat down on the edge of the mattress.

“Come over here and get on your knees.”


This short story is the Third in the GOOD FRIEND series from Jillian Hoff.

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Excerpt from GOOD FRIEND Volume 3: Spot Me:

Even only half hard, it was at least eight inches.

“Whoa there! Damn, Brad! How come I never knew about this treasure?”

“You tell me.”

I gripped his dick in my hand and squeezed. It got harder. Nine inches now, for sure.

“Must have had it hidden under the coat, huh?”

Brad closed his eyes and let his head fall back to the bench.

“Will you let me up?” he asked.


“What do you want?”

“That was me outside your bar the other night. I saw you too. I came here tonight to do this.”

“To do what?”

I answered by leaning over and wrapping my lips around the head of his cock. I twisted my wrist rhythmically as I slowly sucked down two inches or so on him. Fully erect, I’m not sure one of our old school rulers would be long enough to give me an accurate measurement.

“Oh! Oh my God!”

I pulled up and looked over the bar at him.

“Do you understand now?”

“I think I’m getting it.”

“Stay where you are and we’ll see where this goes. If the weight gets to be too much, I can always stop.”

“Please don’t stop.”

I went back down on him, taking him halfway in now. He was thick, but not more than I could handle. I bobbed up and down, sucking a little harder on the upstroke, wringing the base of his shaft with both hands. He moaned his approval each time my lips touched skin further down.

I knew what he wanted. It’s what every guy I’ve ever met wants. I’m not a fucking sword swallower, but I gave it a try.

A couple more inches down, at least, and I gagged. I pulled back and caught my breath, then tried again. My nose was still two inches away from his abdomen. Again, the gag. I pulled out.

“Sorry,” I said.

“Please. That’s the best sound I’ve ever heard in my life.”

I ran my fingers up and down the underside of his shaft.

“Oh, really?”

“Definitely. Better than I imagined.”

“You’ve imagined me choking on your cock?”

“At least twice weekly since the time I watched you eat a popsicle freshman year.”

I laughed. “That was almost ten years ago. How do you remember?”

“It’s the kind of thing you don’t forget.”

“Twice weekly, huh?”

He shrugged, as well as possible with the bar on him.

“Do you jerk off to it?”

That one took him by surprise. He stammered, not forming words, probably worried I had intentions of punishing him for his deviant thoughts. I moved my lips back, so they were touching him, then breathed out my words on the head of his dick.

“Is this what you imagined?” I asked, throwing in a light flick of my tongue for good measure. “That I would suck you like a popsicle? Will you melt in my mouth as you heat up, Brad? I certainly hope not.”


This short story is the second in the GOOD FRIEND series from Jillian Hoff.

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Excerpt from GOOD FRIEND Volume 2: Work It For Me:

“Fuck yes. Suck it!”

I did as he ordered, keeping it in as deep as I could for as long as possible before backing off to catch my breath. I sucked up and down, varying my speed and pressure, using my tongue and teeth. After a few minutes he stood up from the chair with his whole dick in my mouth, pulling me up with him. I was still on my knees but now he stood in front of me with his fingers laced through my hair.

“I’m going to fuck your mouth,” he said.

He wasn’t asking for permission, but I nodded as if he were. He pulled my head forward by my hair while thrusting in, then pistoned in and out, using me exactly as promised. I gasped and held on for the ride, my face getting as wet as my pussy.

Dillon reached down the back of my dress and unclasped my bra.

“Get rid of that,” he said.

I couldn’t respond verbally, occupied as I was. I pulled the undergarment off and out through a sleeve with some familiar maneuvering, then let it drop to the floor.

Dillon pulled out of my mouth and dragged me up to my feet. He spun me around and dropped me into the office chair while he yanked the top of my dress open. The chair rolled back on its casters and came to rest against a filing cabinet. He grabbed my tits with both hands and hauled them out past the fabric of my dress. Pressing forward, he straddled me and slid his cock into my cleavage. Pushing them together with both hands to hold his dick in place, lubricated with slobber from my throat, he tit-fucked me in that chair as if it was something I’d given him permission to do.

I had not allowed a man to do this to me since the time an early boyfriend tried it in the back of his car after a party. Everything was dry and it didn’t seem to do much for him. It did nothing at all for me. We agreed it was just a novelty idea, and I jerked him off into my mouth instead. This time was different though. Dillon pinched my erect nipples as he held my tits together, the inertia from his pounding pulling hard where he gripped them between his thumb and forefinger. It hurt the way I like it, but I don’t think he cared either way. He was using me like he’d found a new angle on his own private fuck doll.

Go easy on him. Had Claudia actually said that? I couldn’t imagine what she would think if she could see him now.

“Open your mouth,” he said.

“What?” I asked.

He responded by sliding up through my tits and pressing the head of his cock into my lips.

“Suck it like this.”


This short story is the first in a series and the first release from Jillian Hoff.

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Excerpt from GOOD FRIEND Volume 1: Neighborly:

I stepped out of my bottoms and straddled Bob on the chair, lowering myself down until the head of his cock pressed against my pussy. It throbbed against me. I put my hands on the sides of his face and made him look me in the eye.

“You’re going to tell me we shouldn’t be doing this, because you’re a good man. Right?”

Bob nodded, unable to form coherent words as I was shifting backwards and forwards on the head of his dick, causing it to slide an inch back and forth through my wet lips.

“I know you’re a good man, but I also hear you at night. I know what you need.”

Bob made a small noise in his throat. I knew the sound. It was his longing defeating his resolve.

“I have what you need.”


“Shhhhhhh,” I said, placing a finger on his lips. “I don’t want to ruin your marriage or hurt your family. I’d never do that.”

Bob groaned.

“I just want you to fuck me. To use me the way you want. That’s what I was imagining over there on my porch. You pounding me with this huge fucking dick.”

Bob ran his hands up my thighs and grabbed the sides of my hips. I moved forward and arched slightly to give him the right angle. He only had to thrust up and pull me down onto him. The grip of his fingers tightened on my hips.