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GOOD FRIEND Volume 0 is now FREE to read

One way authors try to draw readers to their work is by giving away some of their writing for free. We do this in the hopes that you lovely people will enjoy the snippet you receive from us enough to seek out more of our offerings. It’s a good scheme, and I’ve heard it works for some writers.

I can’t say it has worked for me. At least, not before now.

One main element of the free book scheme involves gathering and maintaining a mailing list and sending regular “newsletter” emails to keep readers engaged (on the hook) and interested. I have discovered that I am terrible at this strategy. I don’t check my email often enough or do any of the other things a serious marketer needs to do to make this an effective tactic to generate sales. It’s just not how I’m wired. I want to write a little on my stories and then lie around naked coming up with more things to write about. Rinse and repeat. I’m a horny chick who gets excited seeing her dirty thoughts splayed out on paper or a screen. I don’t get the slightest bit hot at the thought of a neatly worded sales email. We all have our things, I guess.

On a recent foray into my email inbox, I discovered a message alerting me to the fact that if I didn’t act soon my Mailchimp email list account would be discontinued. Of course, me being me, I didn’t see that email until after the discontinuation date had already passed. So really all of this is to say my Mailchimp got shut down and I don’t want to waste all our time trying to make a new one.

What I am left with, however, is the completed story GOOD FRIEND Volume 0: The Loophole. It is the short story that reveals the origins of the GOOD FRIEND series, with its mysterious website posing the question, “What’s the nicest thing you’ve ever done for a friend?”

My intention was to give the story away to readers who signed up for my mailing list. Once I realized said list was gone, I needed to find another way to get the story out.

In the end I figured, why not simply post it for free on the website?

So that’s what I’ve done. You can now find a link to the complete story,
GOOD FRIEND Volume 0: The Loophole, in the BOOKS section of this website. It is all there in its entirety with nothing to sign up for or download. I hope you will enjoy it and consider checking out the other stories I have published which build upon its premise.

If you want to get in contact with me, shoot me an email to the address on the CONTACT page, hit me up at Goodreads, or follow me on Twitter.
(Just don’t cancel me like a mailing list program if I don’t respond immediately.)

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