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My most recent book, ONE HIT, is FREE August 6-10, 2018 for Kindle.

So yeah, it took me close to a year to do any kind of promotional giveaway for this. I’d like to say it is because the response has been so overwhelming I haven’t had time to properly advertise or promote the book. I’d love to say that, in fact.

What I can say is that I truly love this story and have been developing a trilogy of full-length novels that will follow the further adventures of one of its characters. I guess you’ll have to find out what character lives to figure out which.

In other news, my daily horror/panic spasms at the state of our country have receded enough to allow me to finally eke out a new short story. It’s called RITUAL RIDGE and I’m hoping to have it out within a few weeks, after some beta readers have had their way with it. Like ONE HIT, it mixes a portion of violence into the smut, this time with a hellish post-apocalyptic setting. (And yet it still somehow seems more pleasant than the current administration.)

Stay strong out there. Find joy where you can.

I’ll be back before too long.

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