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Good News…


It’s something a little different and I’m excited about it.

ONE HIT is the first short story in what will be a much larger tale. I have a trilogy of full-length novels planned with more than half of the first book written, but I plan to first introduce the world of sex and violence in which these stories take place in a series of novelettes (novellas? I’m not certain of the proper word). They involve a network of mysterious assassins who employ sex as a way to accomplish their objectives. Often, the subject of their attention does not survive the encounter. Sometimes they do. It really depends on the mission. Live or die, the one common element in these stories is explicit sex and dangerous intrigue.

It will be interesting to see how these are received. My previous series, GOOD FRIEND, is quite innocent compared to what I have planned for my sexy assassins and their willing but unsuspecting prey. Nobody gets hurt in the GF universe. While the writing style is the same, the content is a fair amount rougher in my killer tales. They’re not for the faint of hard.

What’s that you say? I got that wrong? It’s faint of heart?

We’ll see.

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