Oh Yeah, I’m Still Here…

What a year this has been, but thankfully it’s almost over.

(What’s that? It’s not almost… Five full months to go? Oh…)

FINE THEN. I’ll just get back to work and try as hard as possible to keep my eyes on the writing page and off of the daily nightmare that is the news.

Believe it or not I’ll be finishing the sixth volume of the GOOD FRIEND series within the next couple of days. It’s a little longer than the others, but that makes sense if you consider that the story involves three people rather than the standard two characters of my other tales.
SPOILER ALERT: It’s about a threesome.

Once that’s done I plan to move on to something a little different. I have a character who keeps speaking to me in my head and insisting that her story needs to be heard. Something about being raised as a sex assassin…
It seems like there’s a lot more to it than that, so once I knock out these last couple of GF pages I’ll sit down and give this lady some time to tell me her story.
Then maybe I’ll tell it to you.

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