Just finished writing Volume 3…

That’s right, I typed out the last few words on GOOD FRIEND VOLUME 3: Spot Me, and I think it’s the hottest thing I’ve ever written. I’m excited at the idea of you getting excited reading it.

I’ll be jumping right into Volume 4 as soon as I’m done editing and fine-tuning my new baby. This process is exciting, and addictive. I’ll be writing at least six volumes in this series before moving on to another story, plus a special edition, GOOD FRIEND VOLUME 0: The Loophole, which will explain some of the background of the series and will be available only to readers who sign up for my mailing list.
So go do that now if you haven’t already! The Loophole will be ready in a couple of weeks and everyone on the list will get an E-copy.

Beyond the GOOD FRIEND series, there are so many issues I want to explore. So many exciting things going on in the world, and fantasies so many of us WISH were happening. The things I’ve been doing in the name of research…
Well, let’s just say I take an occasional break from writing and then write to get a break from whatever I’ve gotten myself into. It can be a lovely full circle.

Another thing that my research has brought me into contact with is a website called Chaturbate. Have you seen this? It is essentially a cam site (place where people perform on web cameras) that allows viewers to tip the performers with credits. People masturbate and have sex, and chat with viewers and smoke and vape and dance. There are young people and old, some in great shape and some not-so-much, happy and excited people and bored people, really all types of legal-age participants. Some put real effort into creating sets with good lighting and flattering angles, and others just switch on the camera with no forethought. Some girls scream and others are quiet. Like real life.

I’m kind of obsessed with it. I want to set a story or maybe even an entire series in that world. I’m far too reserved to try anything like that myself, but the voyeur inside me provides the content for my writer self to shape. I’ve been thinking though… Every once in while you’ll see a performer on there in a mask, protecting their identity. Go look, you’ll see what I mean.

Who knows? Before long, that might even be me.

My first book, GOOD FRIEND VOLUME 1: Neighborly, is currently available in Amazon Kindle Unlimited, so if you’re enrolled you can give it a read for free! I’d love to hear what you think:

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